Thanks to Seva Sahayog & All donors !

IDEA’s beneficiary children have been receiving school bag, notebooks & writing materials from Seva Sahayog since last four years. This in kind donation has enabled us to provide school materials to the children attending our study centers as a value added service. The bags and al
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Skill development programs

1.    Art  & Craft classes. Much more than a simple hobby, art and craft classes can also become an excellent way to develop additional skills. At IDEA, we host regular sessions on art and craft in weekly or bi-weekly fashion depending on the interest of the students. The particip
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Sponsorship program

A lot of underprivileged students become school drop outs at an early stage due to the lack of funds. At IDEA, our detailed field studies have also indicated this situation several times. As an effort to address this situation, IDEA also operates a sponsorship program especially for t
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School based interventions

For the fulfillment of our objectives, IDEA has always believed in employing an end to end approach. Our aim of reducing the incidences of school drop outs is going to be possible only if we curtail the situation at the basic level that is during the initial years of schooling. In lin
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Community based interventions

1.    Field Study Field studies are a very important part of the strategies implemented at IDEA. The findings of these research help us in targeting the slum areas more precisely and therefore reach out to a greater section of the needy people in the society. Our studies extensively c
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IDEA’s activities

Research is an integral part of every initiative that we undertake at IDEA. Our team of experts and well wishers support us in undertaking such field studies and research programs in urban slums to identify the school drop outs and the problems that they face. Teaching children to stu
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