School Based Intervention

Study Skill Workshops

Study skill workshop for all children & tips on improving their skills on writing examination papers for children appearing in school final classes are found to be very useful activities.
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Strengthening Parent Teacher & School Management Committee Meetings

Awareness programs, sessions on parenting, adolescent issues are part of parent’s teacher meetings . Based on the request from parents, guidance sessions on how to teach or supervise the children in scholastic matters are also conducted.
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Co-curricular Activities for Children

To provide ample opportunities for underprivileged children for their all round development and also to sustain their interest in schooling ,we organize competitions on drawing, poster or slogan making, rangoli, dance, singing , elocution, essay writing, story writing etc for children
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Life Skill Education for Children

This is a pilot project undertaken by us for children in class 5 to 6 in three selected corporation schools. Under this program, life skill educations on various topics are imparted on a weekly basis. The children will attend get the benefit of these session for two years. We will be
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Counseling Services for Children and Their Families

IDEA’s counselors and social workers monitor school attendance of children to identify children who are irregular in School. Need based interventions are taken depending on the  problems faced by children in school, at home or in their peer group.
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Capacity Building Programmes for Teachers

IDEA provides training and support to teachers so that they can mold the children better.
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