Facilitating learning of marginalized children through Play and Learn centers

IDEA conducts field study in selected slums prior to initiating our projects. These projects are implemented with the help of  young women or men from the slum who are willing to volunteer. These studies have highlighted several key factors that instigate students to drop out from schools.  Enrollment age, being one such factor, plays a pivotal role in deciding if the children can continue their education. Hence one of the core objective of the Community survey undertaken by IDEA is to identify children in the age group 5 to 8 that have not yet enrolled for school or are very irregular in attending their school. At IDEA, our experience tells us that these children require urgent attention in order to stop them from dropping out of school.

In response to such diverse scenarios, we undertake unique projects like the ‘Play and Learn center’. At such centers, IDEA volunteers conduct a start-up program where the never enrolled and irregular children  below the age of 8 are prepared to get back to schooling with renewed interest.

Along with training the students, we also host counseling sessions for parents and guide them through their interactions with the school authorities for the admission of their child into a good school.  As part of our survey, we also identify educated youngsters from the slum/suburbs who can support us in successful implementation of the project in their community.

The play and learn centers are focused on using activity based learning methodologies to make the process more fun filled, interactive and therefore more efficient for the children. These Play and Learn centers are currently sponsored by  Global Fund for Children (GFC).

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