IDEA’s activities

  • Research is an integral part of every initiative that we undertake at IDEA. Our team of experts and well wishers support us in undertaking such field studies and research programs in urban slums to identify the school drop outs and the problems that they face.
  • Teaching children to study is a daunting task. But at IDEA, we use the combination of ample play with regular studies to instigate within students a proactive approach towards their studies in order to help them complete their schooling. Our unique concept of ‘Play and Learn centers ‘ along with the on-going Study centers in slums, are in line with this belief of making early stages of education interesting.
  • We also provide sponsorship to deserving underprivileged children in order to support their dreams of leading happier lives.
  • Along with the regular education based initiatives, we also organize a host of Skill Development programs for girls and women in order to help them develop a supplementary income source and use their skill better.
  • Youth is an important focus area for any welfare initiative that is undertaken at the grass root level. In line with this belief, we at IDEA, facilitate the organization of several Vocational Training programs. These programs give the once school dropout turned youngsters to develop their skills and pursue their dreams of a happier future.
  • Feminine health is an often neglected topic in the society. But as a result of this lack of attention, many of our sisters and daughters in the underprivileged strata of the society end up falling prey to a host of deadly diseases. At IDEA, we have decided to do our bit in the attempt to put a stop on this situation. As a result of this belief, we undertake several Adolescent health education for girls and health monitoring programs especially for women above the age of 40 years.

At IDEA, we believe in helping the underprivileged school drop outs identify their problem in the right age group and providing them with holistic solutions in order to make them resume schooling. After all, for our welfare initiatives to have a positive impact on the society, sustenance is crucial. The holistic approach helps the children overcome their difficulties and get back to schooling with a renewed zest. In fact, it is this renewed zest that helps them retain their interest in schooling and avoid repeated school drop outs.  However, the schooling of underprivileged children is just one aspect of the activities undertaken by IDEA. We have also undertaken a host of interesting activities for women healthcare and youth welfare.

IDEA’s activities focus on community based interventions at different levels in terms of schooling, healthcare and overall development of the underprivileged section of the society.

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