Inclusive Education for Socially Disadvantaged People

“Inclusive Education for Socially Disadvantaged People- India Country Project”

This is a currently on-going project, funded by Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation (SPUF) and German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).  This Project is part of a bigger initiative titled “Inclusive Education in Action: Worldwide Experiences” implemented in 5 developing countries.  IDEA is the implementing partner in India.

Covering a duration of three years starting from 1st November 2012, IDEA’s successful implementation of this project will drastically decrease the number of school drop outs in and around the 19 shortlisted schools in India. In line with IDEA’s mission to provide equal and ample opportunity through education for underprivileged children, this project will cover schools located in Bhor, Kamthadi, Alandi and a host of other neighboring villages. The project is aimed at promoting the enrollment of out of school children back into mainstream through school and community based measures of inclusive education.

IDEA has already identified the target group for this project which is children in the age group 6 to 14 years and youngsters in the age group of 15 to 25 years. The major part of this projected will be implemented through IDEA’s network of school teachers, Headmasters, members of school management committee & volunteers in the selected villages.

Project Interventions:

  • The primary phase of this project involves establishing a resource center for school teachers in Bhor .This resource center will take care of the requirements that arise in the project even at later stages of its implementation.
  • In the next phase, IDEA volunteers will conduct remedial teaching and support classes for children and other members of the community in the selected schools and surrounding areas. We will also involve the educated youth from the community to ensure better implementation of the initiatives and a local connect for a greater impact on the select audience.
  • We will also host Capacity building sessions for teachers, headmasters, parents and members of school management committee through training & exposure visits to innovative/successful projects etc. which will help in developing innovative learning techniques for the children to make schooling more interesting and fun filled.
  • IDEA will also extend its support and regular guidance to the School management committee for the development of the curriculum programmes, improvement of school infrastructure & the requirement of the basic teaching-learning materials.
  • An important aspect of this project will be helping the school to strengthen parent –teacher & hosting school management committee meetings to facilitate the active involvement of the members for the development of school programmes and therefore the betterment of children.
  • Implementation of Pre-vocational/vocational training for youth will also be provided as per the requirement.
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