Joy of learning Science & Math

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Project objectives:

  1. To help children arouse their interest in the subjects of Science & Math through implementation of innovative teaching and learning methods that will use tech savvy teaching aids & the examples of projects along with activity based learning methodology.
  1. To conduct career guidance sessions for interested students with a focus on Science and Mathematics.
  1. To provide sponsorship support for deserving girl students in order to facilitate their undertaking Science & Math as subjects for further education.
  1. To organize interactive & practical sessions on science and mathematics with the guidance of expert academicians to motivate children to overcome their inhibitions when it comes to studying science and mathematics.
  1. Selected students exhibiting the required skill will also get an opportunity to take part in Practical learning in an ‘ Exploratory’ as an ongoing activity  .
  2. IDEA will also organize exposure visits / study tours to IUCCA, IISER, Dept of Ground Water Survey (GSD), Solar park etc. in association with the school authorities to get the required exposure for better learning of students.


Project Interventions: 

  1. Career Guidance sessions for children in High School classes
  2. Sponsorship support for 20 poor children to undertake higher education in Math / Science, with priority to girls.
  3.  Summer workshop of 8 to 10 days in the state of the art Exploratory at Bharatiya Vidya bhawan for the 20 selected children from VII and IX standards respectively.
  4. Year- long participation in the Science Lab ( Exploratory at Bharatiya Vidya bhawan) to give the students an opportunity to participate in special sessions where they get a chance to witness and participate in several Science & Math experiments for a group of 15 talented children from VII and IX standards respectively. These session will be once in a week for 1 ½ hours each.
  5. Exposure visits / study tours  to different areas of relevance will be organized for students at different levels to help them broaden their learning capabilities.
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