Our new project has been approved by Global Giving-

"Computer literacy class for 30 rural Indian girls"

Friends our new project is approved on Global Giving-“COMPUTER LITERACY CLASS FOR 30 RURAL INDIAN GIRLS”
Through this Programme we want to help young poor girls find better paying jobs and to help them live a life of dignity, this project will provide computer training to 30 interested young girls ( per year ) in Microsoft word, Excel, Paint, Internet browsing etc with English language training. Later on training in Data Entry and Accounting will be provided to those showing promise. At the end of the course 10 toppers will receive a low cost tablet PC (AAKASH a.k.a Ubislate 7+)

We appeal to you to contribute to this new project as your donations can make us eligible for receiving a much needed grant from “MICROSOFT which will go a long way in helping these destitute girls live a life of dignity.

Please check out the project:    http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/computer-literacy-class-for-30-rural-indian-girls/

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