Skill development programs

1.    Art  & Craft classes.

Much more than a simple hobby, art and craft classes can also become an excellent way to develop additional skills. At IDEA, we host regular sessions on art and craft in weekly or bi-weekly fashion depending on the interest of the students. The participants of these classes are men, women and children from the underprivileged sections of the society.  Such art and craft classes equip the participants with additional skills which in some cases can also help to earn a supplementary income to help their family. Jewelry making, embroidery work, ceramic painting and other seasonal items like Diwali lantern, lamps, ’rakhi’ , paper bag making  and  a lot more, depending on demand in the market are taught to the participants . In fact, we regularly participates in NGO fairs / exhibitions where our students get an excellent platform to display their talent and sell their products as well.

2.    Vocational training

Schooling is not the only requirement for the underprivileged people. At IDEA, we host sessions where participants are given vocational training that helps them develop additional skills based on their area of interest. Our effort is to give the youth who were forced to drop out from schools a second chance at improving their career and thereby leading a better life.
In fact, based on the area of interest of the participants, we at IDEA, also host employability enhancement program where young men and women are given vocational training and life skill sessions to aid in the betterment of their living conditions.